Lucan Moonfang (Intro)

Lucan Moonfang (Intro)



Queen of the night, grace dwells in thy light; the night worships thee, and the red star bows to thee; thy bright strengthens our silver, for no beast can escape Moonfang's power!

-Moonfang’s Chant




The sound of howling wolves filled the dawn sky, a young man opened his reddish-black eye, he woke up trembling with fear because of the same nightmare again. “Another nightmare?” asks a big guy as he enters the room. “The same as yesterday…and every day since that day, Amra,” he said. The sun rose, and both prepared their equipment to hunt some wildebeest. “You do remember that this is your turn to hunt right, Lucan?” he asked, “And what are you doing with that sword?” as he watched Amra sharpen a sword. He threw the sword at Lucan “For you, kid,” he said. “You broke your bone-handmade gauntlet. Use this for now.” Lucan caught the sword and grunted as he jumped down from their enormous hideout tree.


Lucan traveled through the grassland near the Regulus Tribe border, the indigenous people of the Golden Grass. He found confusion of wildebeest resting near a puddle. “You should know that I prefer using my bare hands than weapons, Amra” He smirked, stabbed his sword to the ground, and charged directly through the confusion of wildebeest. He caught one of them as it tried to flee. He wrestled it with his bare hands and the wildebeest dragged him further into the tribe’s domain until he stopped the wildebeest and took it down. “Y-you’re pretty strong but n-not strong enough,” he said while gasping. As he tried to stand up and take the soon to be his food, he heard some noises behind the tall grass. Suddenly the Mane came up from the tall grass and thrust their spear to Lucan. The Mane are the Regulus Tribe’s warriors, they had a duty to protect the tribe and its domains. “What are you doing in our domain, stranger?” asked one of the Mane. “I didn’t come here on purpose, the wildebeest drag me here, warriors,” he said. The Mane looked in disbelief and threatened Lucan to come with them because of trespassing. “I said, it was not my purpose and I will leave peacefully.” One of them noticed that his hair had a single braid and it was only the tribe’s tradition to braid their hair. “Why do you have a braid? It’s our tradition only and no strangers should know about it…unless someone did it for you.” They looked at each other and nodded their head, apparently, Amra had been their wanted person for many years and finally, they found someone associated with him. 


Lucan has always been told by Amra to never get near the border because the Mane would catch anyone who’s trespassing and now he realized that something bad would happen. As he tried to speak another word, one of the Mane attacked him with his spear and Lucan dodged it. “He will be mad at me but I guess I have no choice, so let’s have some fun.” They attacked Lucan simultaneously, he dodged every attack and countered it with his punch. He has always been a good close combat fighter, he never liked using any weapons even though he mastered most of them thanks to Amra. When he wanted to launch his last punch, one of them blocked it and said “Enough!” and began transforming into their Werelion form. Lucan was shocked because he knew nothing about that kind of power existed. He had jelly legs all of a sudden and tried to fall back but all of the Mane had showed their fangs prepared for the second round.


Lucan began to realize that he had no chance of winning against them so he tried to escape but they kept chasing him across the grassland. Until a black spear pierced through one of the Mane and a big guy showed up. Amra finally showed his face to his people after many years. “ dare you kill your people, Amra!” said one of the Mane, “You were never my people since you exiled me of something I didn’t do!” he said as he charged through them. Lucan tried to back away from their fight and his mind’s filled with a storm of questions, he never knew why his whole life hiding from the world and he knew nothing about Amra’s past. Amra took his obsidian spear and threatened them to fall back or they would regret it. The Mane were wise enough to retreat from the impossible fight and said they would return with more people.


Amra reached out his hand to help Lucan stand up, and tap his shoulder “We have to move before they come again with more people.” he said. Lucan nodded his head and he became so quiet along the way. Amra finally told Lucan the truth about his origins as they continued their journey. “I was once a leader of the Mane. A war chief. They called me Amra the Black Lion. And yes, I am also capable of transforming like them.” Amra started the topic to break the silence. He had Lucan’s attention. “On my glory days, me and my partner, my best friend, my rival, Zala were the best warriors the tribe had. Zala was called the Roarless because he couldn’t speak since he was born but he was stronger than me, he was the true candidate to be the Alpha of The Pride or you could say a king.” As he tried to continue the story, Lucan stopped him and said “Why you never told me any of this? The reason I lived my whole life on a giant tree because of your past?”. The silence was so loud. Amra stood up in silence and then pointed his spear to the top of a mountain, the Redfell Tips, the highest mountain in this region. As they reached their hideout tree, he told them, "Tonight we climbed the mountain, and I'll tell you everything, my story, and your story." Lucan got confused about his story, all he knew was he was found by Amra when he was a baby in this jungle they lived in. “I know you’re confused but I promise you, I will tell you everything,” Amra said while he packed his gear for tonight’s journey to the mountain.


Among the stars is the moon rising as the sun has sunk into the night. Despite the windy night, they started climbing the mountain. His curiosity about the truth fuels his energy to the top, while Amra tries to catch up with Lucan. As they arrived at the mountain's top, the moon was in its full phase, but tonight there will be an eclipse. Surprisingly there was a little broken tent, it’s been there for ages. Amra approached the tent and opened it, he went inside and dragged something out of it. A chest. The chest was made out of silver, it has many ornaments, and on top of it lies a symbol of a crescent moon with fangs. As he put it in front of Lucan, he said, "This belongs to you, open it.". “What is this? Why don’t we continue your story first?” said Lucan hesitating. “No Lucan, this was never about my story, this is the right time to tell you the truth, this is about your story,” said Amra as he put his hands on Lucan’s shoulder. Lucan sighed deeply and opened the chest. It contained a full set of armor and gauntlets with a detachable “crescent”- like blade belonging to the House of Moonfang. He slowly touched what belonged to him, his legacy, his identity as a Moonfang. “Your real name is Lucan Moonfang, from the House of Moonfang, part of Celestia Kingdom, You’re the descendent of Romulus Moonfang the First Lycan, This is your origin story, your true identity and I’ve been raising you for this moment and to fulfill my promise to your mother, a friend of mine.” The moon turned into blood red as the howling of the wolves filled the crimson night and so began the story of Lucan Moonfang.

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