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This isn't 100% romance drama, more than 70% is tellong about effort, big willing, dream, work hard, accepting, friendship, sacrifice, relation, communication, trauma, healing, and a piece of love story. 

But even just a piece, that piece really meant to me, at least I got 3 lessons there.

1. If you dare to love someone, than prepare yourself for the consequences (Berani mencintai, siap menerima konsekuensi).
2. Loving is not always having (Mencintai tak selalu harus memiliki)
3. You can't using love as a parameter to gather with someone (Cinta tidak bisa dijadikan tolak ukur untuk bersatu).

Like the caracter in this drama, even they realllllly love each other, but they can't be together, because their vision to value the family is different. The guys love his girl but he need to pursue his dream in his job in order to pay his daddy debt and he also love his job. But the girl have trauma with the man industry/working place, her mom never have a family time during working in the same industry as her boyfriend.

That is why they broke up, but they really love each other untill they old. 

Sedih yaa...

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