I know Flipped from a short clip exist on instagram, and I thought that maybe it is good to watch. 

And I have no regrets! The movie was totally incredible! There were kinds of inspiration came out of my mind during watching the movie. 

Forget about how does Juli dazzled and fallin love with Bryce since she was in second grade of Elementary School. Lets talk about how the relation between neighbor and family showed in this movie, and the positive iridescent energy from Juli. 

I really love how Chet treat Juli as his neighbor, they helping each other and it is sweet to see this kind of relation, it making me hoping  having that kind of neighbor later, and of course I'll be good first. 

I can also learn from how is dinner invitation impact for toward family, how is the adult feel especially the women (Juli's mother looks happy in that movie since they family was invited to the dinner). I love it, i love eating together. Perhaps I'll make a lot of invitation to my neighbor later.

It is interesting to see how family is in this movie. They were happy and looks have a solid bond in spite of yelling and fighting that happen sometime. It is normal, is out of there any family have no problems? Of course nope. 

How is Juli free to say that Bryce try to kiss him at school to her mom. I think as an adult especially parents hearing your childern confession though it bad is much better than making your childern feel lonely and try to solve their problem by themselves.  Just relax and listen to them until finished, after that give them advice or help them to fix the problem. It would be wonderfull and making parents-child bond more stronger. 

I love Juli energy! She is so iridescent. I like her confident, she breeds chicken, gardening and making her front yard looks tidy. I want to try it too! I really want to having a pet, i also want to breed animals and plants. Maybe I can start it by make up my roof top. Hmmm okay! I'll do it. 

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