My Name Is Pupussius...

My Name Is Pupussius...
Photo of Pupuss by Swasti Kc.

I came to adopt my family four years ago. I was abused and abandoned, with a chip in my shoulder. I saw this family when I wandered around the neighborhood.

I watched them for some time from the corner of their property. It was a beautiful spring, food was abundant for me. I had to survive when winter came.

One evening I saw the lady came home from work, and her husband prepared the dinner outside. I sat at the farthest corner of their yard. I thought they saw me when they started to call me.

I was intrigued. I smelled food, delicious food in the air. I cautiously walked around the property. The lady and the man still ate and talked at their garden table. Hmm, I smelled chicken.

I cried softly. The lady stopped talking and asked her husband if he heard anything.

This was my clue. I ran across past them and started crying again. She called me so softly, and put some chicken on the floor. I jumped and snatched the chicken, ran to my corner, the farthest corner of the property.

I did not know them. They might be abusive like my other people. The chicken was sooooo delicious. I could not catch any food today.

They started calling me. I approached them again. Another chicken was on the floor near her feet. I ate slowly, watched them, and ate again. They talked gently to me, to ease my fear.

I ate so much, my stomach was not growling any more. I sensed she loves me, but he was not sure about me. I had to charm him.

I stood up, put my paws on his leg, and stared at him. I knew people cannot resist my mesmerizing gaze. He looked at me dreamingly. I jumped at his lap. I knew I have his heart.

Every evening, at the same time I would come to their backyard. There was always food available for me. They kept calling me "Pupuss". I guessed that was my name from then on.

At night I would sleep on their swing in the backyard. I was used to sleeping anywhere, under the log, in the bushes. But their swing had very soft cushions, and I could see if other animals come.

I saw their kid, a skinny tall boy, a very gentle soul. He would come and touch my nose. It was always itchy so it was good when somebody scratched it. I did not need to use my paw to scratch it.

When winter came, my human parents called me into the house. I was part of this family now. They provided me food and water in the bowls in the kitchen, and a box of sand for my business in the garage, oh and a very nice and comfy bed to sleep.

I guessed my roaming around the neighborhood days are over now. I have a loving family who regards me as one of them. I would bring some of my hunting trophies for them, some mice, bluejays, grackles, chipmunks.

My parents were mad at me when I killed some rabbits or brought the field mouse into the house. They yelled at me. I still do not understand why.  What I did wrong.

Anyway most of my time now, I spend watching the squirrels or the birds from the window. The cars pass by or the mailman walks past by my window and wave at me.

Interesting days ahead of me, I yawn and roll myself. The sun shines, it warms my fur. I stretch and continue my nap.